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2015-12-18 09:05:03
Boost Your Productivity At Work With These 3 Tips

You know those days when no matter hard you try to focus and get your work done, but just can’t seem to get into the zone? If you find yourself procrastinating and feeling frustrated, here are 3 daily habits to incorporate in your work routine. 

  1. Build your green thumb. A plant or some kind of greenery at your desk can help to boost your productivity, refresh the air, and relieve stress. Choose an easy to maintain plant which will take only a few minutes each day to care for. You can use this time to take a little break from work.
  1. Know yourself. When it comes to getting your work done (or not getting your work done), we all have our own way of doing things and which hours we’re most productive. If possible, find your golden hours (when you’ll be the most productive) and work environment to better aid you in getting more done.
  1. Take a walk. With technology and email, it’s so easy to shoot a coworker an email or an instant message. Instead, take a walk down the hall and ask them your question. By getting away from your desk, not only will you get some exercise but can avoid a misunderstanding and those chains of emails. Plus, by getting to know your coworkers you can build your friendships.

Learn more tips for boosting your productivity by checking out this piece by Entrepreneur.

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